iPhone 13 Pro Max VS iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max VS iPhone 12 Pro Max

On the design side, no major changes: same flat sides, same general appearance, but the 13 Pro Max is a bit thicker and a bit heavier. This could actually be a big deal: the 12 Pro Max was quite heavy at 228g and the 13 Pro Max weighs 240g.

Also, we have new colors! The Pro models never really had the fun colors of the regular iPhone models, and the 13 Pro Max won’t be different, but it does have a new Sierra Blue color that is really, really appealing!

Battery and charge

While all iPhone 13 models get some form of a battery boost, the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets the bigger one. And this one is really impressive!


Apple doesn’t reveal the exact battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but a filing with a Chemtrec battery registrar reveals the exact sizes. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is listed to have a 4,373mAh battery versus a 3,687mAh cell on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That’s an increase of almost 20%!

Official Apple figures show that on average the iPhone 13 Pro offers 2.5 hours longer battery life than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. And just look at the official battery life estimates when streaming video:


  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 25 hours
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 12 hours


Yes, that’s double the battery life when streaming video, which sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what Apple promises us! We can’t wait to test this!


On the front of the feeder … well, no feeder in the box, again. Plan to spend an additional $ 20 to $ 30 on a fast charger for the iPhone 13. Unfortunately, even this “fast charger” is not as fast as with other phones, only exceeding a maximum of 20W.


MagSafe is also still around with charging speeds of up to 15W, and also the need to buy some pretty expensive MagSafe compatible wireless chargers (if you don’t already have one).
iPhone 13 Pro Max VS iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max VS iPhone 12 Pro Max


All-new cameras, some great new features too

The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with three brand-new cameras. Here’s how they stack up against the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • Wide camera (main): 26mm on both, f / 1.5 aperture on 13 Pro Max vs. f / 1.8 aperture on 12 Pro Max
  • Ultra-wide camera: 13mm on both, f / 1.8 aperture on 13 Pro Max vs f / 2.4 aperture on 12 Pro Max
  • Telephoto: 3X zoom, or 77mm on 13 Pro Max vs 2.5X zoom on 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s wide camera now captures up to 2.2 times more light at night for photos and videos, and the ultra-wide camera gets up to 92% light in more, so big improvements here too.

A new feature in the 13 series is called Photographic Styles. These are basically photo files on steroids: you can make local edits in real-time and you can see the results directly in the viewfinder. You can choose a more dynamic look or a different style, and you can make the iPhone remember your personal preferences and use it on all your photos.

You can now also capture macro photos on the 13 Pro and Pro Max thanks to the new ultra-wide camera with a new autofocus system that can focus at a distance as close as 2cm for incredible close-ups. This same functionality also applies to the video where you can record macro video.

On the video side, the major new feature is called Cinematic Mode and allows you to focus while you record, and even change the focus of a previous recording captured on an iPhone 13 device.

Just like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will also come with a LiDAR scanner. The primary use of this scanner is for augmented reality, and we have yet to see Apple realize its full potential.

New Apple A15 chip

Apple leads the way in smartphone performance, and the new Apple A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is once again the fastest in the industry. You get CPU, GPU, and AI performance improvements, along with camera ISP improvements.

Strangely, this year Apple doesn’t do a direct speed comparison between the A15 and A14 chips but instead compares the A15 to its Android rivals, which is a bit odd. We will wait to see what is the difference in performance compared to the previous iPhone.

Below you’ll find the benchmark results of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and how it stacks up against last year’s model:

So far, it is said that Apple has increased the processor frequency from 2.99 GHz on the A14 to 3.22 GHz on the A15, resulting in a less than 10% increase in processor performance. , and the company also increased the cache, which helps improve multicore performance.

On the GPU side, we are seeing larger gains. The new iPhone Pro with the Apple A15 Bionic scored 14,216 points in the Geekbench Metal graphic test, compared to 9,123 for the iPhone 12 family and 7,338 points for the iPhone 11 series. This is almost 55% improvement, a bigger jump than you expected.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is also expected to have the same 6GB of RAM as the previous model.

One area where the iPhone 13 series in general will step things up is connectivity with extended support for 5G mobile bands.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Specs Comparison

And here is a detailed specification comparison between iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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