How long does it take one to learn German

How long does it take one to learn German? The journey of learning the German language is interesting and useful, although it may require some effort and time, but with the passion for learning the language and trying to enjoy learning it as much as possible, this journey will be interesting and useful. In this article, I will tell you about four main factors that affect how long it will take to learn German. Depending on your goals, ability to communicate with native German speakers, and the methods used in your studies, you will be able to see how many months or years it will take to learn this wonderful language and how to speed up the process learning.

How long does it take one to learn German?

In the following lines, we will mention the steps to learn German for beginners:

How long does it take one to learn German
How long does it take one to learn German

The German level you want to reach

In fact, the more you want to speak German fluently, How long does it take one to learn German the longer it will take to achieve your goals, but how long will it take to learn German from beginner to advanced levels?

The Goethe-Institut (the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany that offers official German language tests from levels “A1 beginner” to “C2 advanced”) tells us.

You need to complete 350 German lessons/training sessions of at least 45 minutes each to reach a B1 level, which will take about a year and a half because most people cannot take a lesson every day in a row.

When studying German at home you can expect about the same time frame to reach level B1.

As for those motivated people who aim to master the German language and reach the C2 level, the Goethe-Institut tells us that they need to study German for at least 750 hours to reach this stage, which means they need at least three years.

Try to immerse yourself in German

Immersion is one of the ways to learn languages ​​so that you are surrounded by the language you are studying in all its aspects, How long does it take one to learn German from a deep understanding of vocabulary and grammar, How long does it take one to learn German as well as familiarity with the culture of the mother country of the language.

It is generally accepted that immersion is one of the quickest ways to learn a language especially if you can achieve complete immersion by living in a country that speaks the language you want to learn.

The best way to immerse yourself in the German language is to go to Germany and take German lessons, this way you will be able to achieve complete immersion in the German language so that you can reach a good level within six months, but of course this result varies proportionally so that everyone is different from the other.

But what can you do if you cannot be in a German speaking country? Immerse yourself in the comfort of your own home by watching German series, listening to songs and watching TV programs from German channels.

It is true that immersion at home yields a slower result than full immersion but it is still an option, thanks to the great online lessons you can participate in, How long does it take one to learn German the presence of chat sites you can speak German with real native speakers via video or text chat and thus achieve the immersion you want.

Start by learning the most common terms and phrases in the German language

The more common terms and phrases are key to sounding like a native speaker, the earlier you start to learn them and memorize them, the more time you have to reach fluency.

With it, How long does it take one to learn German you can develop a deeper understanding of the language while having fun during your learning process. In the end to learn German faster in addition to memorizing common structures you also have to start focusing on grammar.

So keep a notebook to jot down common German sentence structures you want to learn and practice our free online German grammar exercises at Learn German website

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