How to learn German from scratch for beginners

How to learn German from scratch for beginners? If you are interested in studying German, you can now add German learning to your hobbies. There are many means that facilitate the process of learning the German language from a distance, and this is what we will explain in the following lines in detail.

How to learn German from scratch for beginners?

In the following lines, we will explain how to learn German for beginners:

How to learn German from scratch for beginners
How to learn German from scratch for beginners


There are hundreds of videos explaining the German language at all levels, and there are lists for teaching German in many languages, such as: Arabic, English and others.


 Podcasts are becoming more and more popular with education, as there is a huge variety of podcasts covering many different topics, so here are the best podcasts for learning German.

Coffee Break German

What’s new with this podcast is that you never feel alone in your language learning journey. Scottish blogger Mark learns with his German teacher in regular sessions. This podcast is intended to discuss language errors.

The Easy German Podcast

This channel’s philosophy revolves around learning from real people and natural conversations. Craving for thought-provoking and easy content for language learners, their weekly posts tackle followers’ questions and discuss a wide range of topics about culture, life, and anything else followers need to know.

Warum nicht

This podcast is one of the most important podcasts for learning the German language, as this blog is presented by “Deutsche welle” and “Goethe Institut”, which is an official accredited institution for learning and testing German in international institutions.

Learn German through digital platforms

There are many digital educational platforms that offer language courses, including German. Such as:

Udemy platform

The platform offers many German language courses of all levels, as well as a variety of presentation methods in each course, which facilitates the learning process.

Mobile applications Applications

One of the advantages of sharing technology in the field of education is to provide many opportunities to learn the German language through many mobile applications, learn German from scratch for beginners including:


This application is one of the most popular phone applications for learning languages ​​in general and the German language in particular, learn German from scratch for beginners as this application depends on the linguistic achievement of vocabulary and sentence structure in the German language.


This application is characterized by the ease of learning vocabulary in the German language, as well as the interest in the correct pronunciation of the German language.


This application is characterized by interest in German culture and the use of various means to facilitate the learning of the German language.

Learn German Conversation through International Conversations

It is common knowledge among learners of a new language that the most important way to continue learning and improve the language is daily conversations, especially with native speakers of the language, so many sites that provide conversations throughout the day through digital sites such as:

Bachelor’s degree in German Language and Civilization

Studying the German language has become more popular in recent years, learn German from scratch for beginners and there are many international universities that offer bachelor programs to study German language and literature, including:

Memorial University of Canada

Memorial University offers a bachelor’s program to study German civilization and literature by studying the German language and examining German heritage. The duration of this program is 4 years.

University of Oregon in the USA University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is interested in ancient European languages ​​and civilizations, so it offers many studies, whether they are bachelor’s or graduate studies such as master’s or doctorate.

Fordham University in the United States of America

Fordham University is interested in German literature, learn German from scratch for beginners so it teaches German in the first grade, and all subjects are taught and discussed throughout the classes in German.

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